Extraordinary Self Care

Are you constantly running around juggling your work, kids, chores, family and activities? Do you find you never have time and always feel behind? You do little or nothing to take care of yourself. You talk about being disorganized or are in a cluttered environment frequently and are unable to devote time to your goals.

You may hear people talking about “Life Balance” and it sounds like a foreign word that cannot be attained. Life balance is about bringing opposing forces in your life into harmony and finding mental and emotional steadiness. You bring this about by prioritizing what really matters and letting go what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Whether you are a working professional or a full time mom, there are many aspects to your life that affect your well-being: business/work, family, friends, health, financial, spiritual and personal. To balance your life, it becomes an important choice to manage your time and decide what’s important and what’s not. If you don’t decide, others will decide for you. If something is important to you, you will make time and eliminate or minimize things that are not.  Let’s talk about one aspect: taking time for yourself.

Often times, others take priority in your life and you become run down with very little time for yourself to rejuvenate. When you take time to nurture yourself, you are helping yourself to have the energy and the joy to give to your work, family, children and friends. Learning to take extraordinary care for your self is not only a big step to feeling better about your life but also feeling great about yourself. Your confidence level and self-esteem goes up, self -love increases, and you will not put into your body or do anything to yourself that does not serve you. Once you learn to love yourself, then others can love you and your relationship with others will improve. It will affect the way you live, act, think, talk and you will be a more peaceful, loving and happy person.

Self-care can be as simple as: take a relaxing bath, walk in nature, get a massage, have a facial, see a movie, dance, wear something that makes you feel great, exercise, be with friends, read a book, meditate, write your goals, enjoy your hobby, listen to music, laugh out loud, sing out loud, get 6-8 hours of sleep, eat healthy foods you enjoy, drink plenty of water, take a day off, go on a date with your spouse… The list is endless!

Extraordinary self care is simply learning to recognize when you need nurturing and making the choice to take that special time for yourself. In turn you will be able to give to those around you.

What self -are can you take on?

When can you schedule time for self care?

What will you do for self care?

How can you be more intentional to care for yourself?

Live life more intentionally.


Constance Zacharias
The Journey To Success
Certified Life Coach/Trainer

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