√ You are taking inspired action to achieve your goals

√ You are achieving results by taking action

√ You are enjoying life and being intentional in your daily life.


If you are a professional, entrepreneur, or business owner, and are looking to live your dream, be on purpose and have more joy and peace… I would like to show you how you can have the life you want, be excited about your life and achieve great emotional fulfillment and inner peace.


I will help you recognize your strengths, guide you to set better goals in the areas of personal, business, health, relationship, career and finance. I will hold you accountable to take precise actions, find your authentic self and live life more intentionally.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership process between the coach and the client, whereby the coach guides the client to progress from where she/he is, to achieving the results that the client wants by taking massive action.   


Though coaching is not counseling or therapy, often times clients have negative pasts that hinder them from moving them forward or they get stuck or have triggers in certain areas. If you are in that place, I am a Certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner & Coach and can guide you to eliminate the negative pasts emotions with no content, in a stand-alone session.


Are we a good fit?

We all need a coach to guide us in our journey of life. I do believe that we work better if we resonate better.


The best way to try out is to have a consultation or a discovery session with me.


What I look for and how you know you are ready for coaching:


  • You are coachable and teachable
  • You are willing to do the inner work and outer work and make changes to create breakthroughs
  • You are open and receptive to suggestions, new perspective and willing to try on new ideas
  • You have a strong desire to take inspired actions
  • You are committed to growth and learning
  • You are a ood listener and have a great attitude


1 on 1 Package:

– 8 sessions (twice a month) over 12 weeks

– Unlimited emails or text for questions and accountability

– Worksheets

– Journal

– Gratitude Journal

– Calls are between 60-90 minutes


Connect with me to book your sessions.