Are you looking to have better relationships?

Are you wanting to live in peace and joy and eliminate past negative emotions, procrastination, limiting beliefs?

Are you seeking to live your dream, be on purpose and live more intentionally?

Look no further.

I would like to show you how you can have the life you want, be excited about your life and achieve great emotional fulfillment and inner peace.


My name is Constance Zacharias, I am a Life Mastery Coach/Trainer of Constance Zacharias Coaching, empowering men and women to live their dream, amplify their strength and live a life that matters to them.

Instead of feeling powerless and living a life that lacks luster and zeal, you can take your power back and know that you can do something about it. I know that it’s a big step to be running your business or working at your job and balancing your family. That’s why I’ve committed to helping you overcome your struggle of working mindlessly, overcoming inadequacy and the feeling that you are running out of time.



Don’t book a consultation session with Constance unless you are ready to make a change.


  • Consultation – $65 (amount will be applied to the coaching program when you signed up)
  • Discovery Session (using Point of You Cards) $75
  • One on One Coaching ($250 an hour)
  • Workshop/Training 1-3 days (please inquire)